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They are modular to suit your needs

Do you have a different number of guests every time you host a dinner party? We understand this problem, which is why our extending tables give you the flexibility you need for everyday use. By adapting the length according to the number of guests, you can seat as many people as you like with minimum fuss.

We design practical tables

The extensions on our tables are always ingeniously positioned underneath the tops, making them really easy to use and avoiding the need to store them elsewhere.

High-quality furniture that's made to last

Right from the design stage, our furniture undergoes rigorous testing to ensure excellent durability. Our choice of components, along with their levels of resistance, are essential criteria to make sure you are fully satisfied with your furniture for many years to come. Here are Gautier, it's all about quality!

How do I maintain my Gautier extendable table?

To maintain your designer extendable table, we recommend regular cleaning with a soft, slightly damp cloth. For wooden surfaces, use a specific wood cleaner to preserve their natural shine. For glass and metal surfaces, a suitable mild cleaner will suffice.

Why buy a Gautier extendable table?

Gautier extendable tables offer an aesthetic and functional solution to optimize space in your home. They create a focal point in your dining room, combining design and practicality for an always impeccable interior.

Do you offer delivery and installation services for extendable tables?

Yes, Gautier offers delivery and installation services to ensure your extendable table is set up perfectly. Our experts take care of the installation and advise you on the best layout to optimize the space and aesthetics of your room.

Why choose a designer extendable table from Gautier?

Choosing a Gautier extendable table means choosing quality, design and durability. Our extendable tables are made in France with exceptional craftsmanship, and each piece can be personalized to match your specific tastes and needs. Additionally, our furniture solutions combine aesthetics and functionality, transforming your interior into an organized and elegant space.

Nos tables s'adaptent à tous les espaces, des plus petits aux plus grands. En fonction de vos besoins et du modèle choisi, le nombre de convives accueillis pourra varier.
En moyenne, nos tables permette d'accueillir 10 à 12 personnes, notre plus grand format de table, quant à lui, a une capacité d'accueil de 16 convives.
Votre espace définira la forme de votre table. Parmi nos modèles, vous pourrez aussi bien opter pour une table rectangulaire, une table carrée ou une table ronde.

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