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Which sofa to choose for a small space?

Small rooms can be tricky to furnish, especially if you are keen to exploit their full potential. But choosing the right furniture that's practical, suits your needs and fits into the space you have available can make all the difference! Which sofa should you choose to furnish a small lounge? To find that perfect sofa, you'll need to consider various criteria such as design, shape and size.

Choose a space-saving corner sofa for your lounge

A corner sofa is an excellent idea for a small space, providing it fits properly in the corner of your room. As they are fairly big, they can take over your room if placed in a more central position. A good tip is to go for a modular sofa design, meaning you can detach the daybed from your sofa, for example, depending on your needs. Choose the design and size carefully so the sofa fits perfectly with the size of your small lounge. Its small size means your lounge will instantly seem more cosy, making it ideal for resting and relaxing. Similarly, you might like a corner sofa with adjustable headrests...

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A small lounge goes hand-in-hand with a small sofa

Choosing a sofa for a small lounge often means you need to restrict its size to allow space for moving around. A good tip is to choose high legs that make sofas appear less imposing, so your room does not appear cluttered. Some styles of sofas can be teamed with couch end units for a stylish look, taking up less space than a coffee table. In a small room, it's essential that a sofa blends seamlessly into the decor of your lounge to avoid monopolising the space and giving the impression that the room is smaller than it actually is. A small 2-seater sofa combined with two armchairs gives you enough mobile elements to create a practical, inviting and airy feel to your furnishings.

A sofa for a small lounge can also be convertible!

A space-saving sofa bed is a great addition to a small space: you can have friends round for dinner and offer them a place to sleep that's quick and easy to set up. Make sure your sofa bed provide maximum comfort for your guests throughout the night. With this in mind, look for a sofa bed in a choice of different finishes (colour, seat and backrest comfort level) with various types of suspension for the mattress. A sofa with castors makes it really easy to lift and move around so you can convert it into a bed with minimum effort.

How should you decorate your small lounge? 

The sofa is a key piece when decorating your lounge. Go for light, pastel colours such as beige, pink or light grey. These shades will create a soft feel and add light to a small lounge. Placing a large mirror opposite the window or above your sofa will also make the room appear less cluttered when adding a designer sofa in such a small space.

Adding different types of lighting is also an interesting way to brighten the room, as well as giving the impression that the space is bigger than it actually is. But try not to add too many low units and ornaments that can clutter the room with "obstacles", making it look too busy. Instead, take full advantage of the space available on the walls: for example, try adding wall-mounted combinations to provide really useful extra storage. Other furniture in the room should be purely practical and essential. Also consider mounting your television screen on the wall so the room is less cluttered with no need for a TV unit.

One final decorating tip: go for light wood for your furniture. If you furnish a small room with dark colours, it will look less spacious. Painting all your walls white may seem like a good idea, but it's not true. If there are no points of interest to catch your eye, your lounge will appear even smaller than it is. Don't be afraid to create a colourful feature wall with wallpaper, or add splashes of colour through your ornaments.

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